ARA Knot Hairpin in Pink

Rp 35.000

Special Chinese New Year 2023 Collection.

On this special collection, .candybutton. always create famly twinning outfit for dad, mom & kids.

ARA : knots are supposed to ward off evil spirits, hence are a symbol of longevity and eternity. Knots act as good-luck charms given during Chinese New Year celebration
Available in 3 colors : maroon, pink & blue.

Get 1 pc FREE .candybutton.'s money envelope while purchase.
Get FREE 2023 Dumpling Bag every purchase IDR 750,000 of Lunar Collection

Materials :

  • Sold by piece.
  • Dimention : 4x4cm.
  • 4.5cm metal hairpin.
  • Handmade nylon knot & tassel.
  • Gold plated brass & pearls.

Ukuran Baju

Ukuran Celana

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