Baby Mei Ling Dress in Peach

Rp 149.500 Rp 299.000

Special Chinese New Year 2022 Collection.

On this special collection, .candybutton. always create family twinning outfit for dad, mom & kids.

This year, our collection is about detachable . It's means most of our pieces in this collection are very flexible. You can detach some part & make it look different. Of course it makes them can be wore in any different occasions #mamakgarugi.

BABY MEI LING is a flowy ruffles dress + Lunar's embroideried V collar +matching .candybutton.'s signature tassel baby headband = FANG

Get 2 pc FREE .candybutton.'s money envelope while purchase.
Get FREE 2022 Dumpling Bag every purchase IDR 500,000 of Lunar Collection!

Materials : diamond chiffon with fully cotton lining with embroideried baloteli V collar.

Baby headband materials :

  • Dimention : 5cm x 9cm with tassels.
  • Baby headband is using high quality nylon ribbon.
  • Organza handmade flower.
  • Chiffon handmade flower.
  • Gold plated brass in various shape ornaments.
  • Handmade tassels from nylon yarn.
  • Variant of synthetic pearls & beads.

Dress Measurements B: Bust / L : Length in cm. 

  • Size 6M : B 52 / L 40
  • Size 9M : B 54 / L 42
  • Size 12M : B 62 / L 46

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